What happened earlier:

Hard to believe its now been an entire year since I originally got myself stuck in this mess. So here a quick recap: I found a textbook/was given a textbook. I was then sent wierd messages and such. I also got abducted, chased by both paranormal and normal assailants, failed math, and then proceeded to try and atack one which resulted in me getting beatem up


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First day of second semester!

Wow its my first day and once again this blog will be mostly directed towards media arts! Deal with it!

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Not gonna happen…

So am I supposed to find you? Unless you are still in that hospital. Or maybe it was an asylum. No matter just give me a hint. Oh right you cant! Heheh,
You wont believe what I just found! I found a way to //eyes\\

Wrongmove akiDandhIscompuTeR

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Yoursecondtask is simPle. FinDme. YouhaVe tw(X) weEks. DonotfAil.


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herEiSapreSent foryourharDwor K

Ihope yoU appreciateiT

Youmustnthavebeen as close friendsasithought nomatTer

YouR next tasK comEs so(X)n



gOod woRk

yoUactually ListEned

Weare SurprIsed

NexT TaskcomesooN

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Now what?

Hmm??? What happens now?? Do I die or something???!? Do I join your freaky ass friends??? What happens now??? I lost that friend…they hate me now. I hope your happy! Good god! Im sorry for messing with your textbook…what do you want?