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I screwed up :(

Ok, so I was reading my comments, and I found a comment from a blog called oneofmanysing. Natually I first thought it was just some moron screwing with me pretending to be Travis. Instead, it turned out that the blog consisted completely of the same messages as in my textbook. So I decided to investigate further and as a result I am now completely confused. I think this might be a friend of Travis or possible Travis himself. But, it could also be an internet troll. So now I have no idea what to do.

any Ideas? Should I continue or leave it alone and return to using the textbook for what it is normally used for?


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News about Travis!

ok…so I went to the school archives and looked up Travis (his last name is Webster) and I found eight pictures of him. He seemed like your usual student. He was wearing nice clothes etc. But, when I checked the latest two pictures of him, he looked like he hadn’t slept in a week and he hadn’t been doing anything to keep himself looking “normal” (he had messed up hair, stubble, bags under his eyes, and dirty clothes).
After that I asked several teachers about him and he apparently was a “straight A student” until last year. Apparently during last year he started to not get his work done, he was scribbling on everything, he started to talk to himself, and he would disappear for hours. Eventually he just stopped showing up. So, the teachers tried to call his parents but they couldn’t reach them. Apparently they have never heard from him since.
So…I think this book belonged to Travis and that is it. I feel like I shouldn’t try to each him or press any further. I will keep the book though and if I find any new messages, I will upload them.

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Took a while to update sorry… :(

so yeah nothing new. I’ve been painstakingly slow when it comes to checking out the pages of my textbook. But, I did find a “message” it wasn’t really a message.
I was a tally that counted up to 48. I have no idea what this means.
So yeah. Nothing else is new.

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Yet more messages

Here are some more messages
“Fear the walls”
“I am all that I see”
“The walls sing”
“Trees are everywhere”
“Together we sing”

Also, I’ve been asking around about any kids who had the textbook before me and three kids have: their names are Travis, Eric, and, Thomas.
Travis was the last to have it. However, he left school last year for unknown reasons. Eric graduated last year, and Thomas transferred to Westmount. Currently, Travis is my best option.
I will post updates as I get them.

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No more messages so far

seeing as I’m kind of busy, I’ve only been able to examine the first 10 pages of the textbook. So sadly that leaves 436 more pages.

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More Textbook messages

Well not much to say…here are some new messages that I found:
“Suits regret sees all that sing”
“Many eyes see the night”
“I am one of many many many many many (eyes)”
“messages never speak to those who see find the doors songs are never real RUN”
“run don’t run hide don’t hide stay away stay inside”
“hide from the fog”

Also, I am considering maybe trying to find out what these messages mean by finding out who wrote them. However, it will most likely be a wild goose chase.

More updates tomorrow.


Wierd messages in my textbook

Well…like I said I would, Here are the first of the wierd messages that were found in my textbook.

For those of you who don’t know, I recently got a new textbook and it was filled with…interesting graffiti. I said I would share any strange messages found in the textbook.

Message #1
“He sees all that I see”
Message #2
“Why do they sing”
Message #3
“Found you In your sleep”
Message #4
“eyes see nothing”
Message #5
“Things Have Everything Yesterday”

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