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ok so I showed my friend the textbook…or rather he grabbed it from me and took a look at the messages. He then showed me a youtube series called marble hornets and it is pretty cool. TotheArk is epic. also, I’ve been starting to see connections with the slenderman and these messages. Naturally I have now confirmed that the textbook belonged to a loyal fanboy so…problem solved. I am still keeping the textbook and will be scanning in pages so you guys can see them.


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Ok so it’s been kind of a while-ish so, It’s time to update on what I’ve been doing. I’ve been working on a Photoshop assignment where I need to Photoshop 4 different faces together. Also, as for the whole Travis thing, I’ve decided to ignore it and use the textbook as a normal textbook.

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Rhunyc the artist!

Rhunyc is easily my favorite media artist. He has been an inspiration for the majority of my artwork. His actual name is Brian Jackson and he lives in the united states. Rhunyc generally releases CGI or computer generated art. His main tool is his tablet computer and he often makes his pictures look like they are painted. He has a very distinct style and you can almost always tell whether it was by him or someone else. His art generally has a darker theme to it and is always breathtaking. He also has a series of pictures that go with a short story he is writing.  He also has released several pictures that are in conjunction with the madness combat series by Krinkles (another media artist).  Rhunyc is a great artist and I think that anyone looking for inspiration should check him out.