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At my apartment in Paris.

This is going to be a very long post. I have mentioned once or twice my trip to Europe. Well I am currently on the trip as I am writing this.

Ok so I just arrived at my apartment in Paris today. Probably should have told you before I left but I have a lot of new stuff. Several events have occurred. I did scour through the Textbook, question teachers, ask students, and search the internet for information on Travis Webster. Heres is what I have found out: Travis left Westdale Secondary school when he was in Grade 10. He was sent to an Asylum in Toronto for psychosis. He eventually eitther died or escaped.

Now it is time to tell you what has happened to me over the last two weeks. First off, I found a piece of paper that was clearly from Travis webster’s textbook taped to my locker. It said: found you don’t try to run it will only make things worse. Followed by the operator symbol (X) then 3 kids went missing downtown. Kinda creepy. Soon after, (approximately 3 days)I found the operator symbol drawn on my sketchbook. Important fact: I keep my sketchbook locked up in a safe so my brother doesn’t take it. I am the only one who knows the combination. I have no recollection of ever writing it on my sketchbook. Several pages in the textbook have gone missing.
Two days later, I found a box on my front porch. Every inch of it was covered in tape. On each side was the observer symbol (the one from tribe twelve) on the bottom it said “I am watching you”. Also very creepy… Inside it was a notebook on the slender man written by Travis, a lock knife with the words: run, hide, and I think fear. I might be wrong about that. It also contained a Lego representation of the slender man, notes using my highschool notes outline, and a piece of paper that contained what seems to be a chapter list of the notebook. Nothing else. By this point i was terrified. I also began having an impossible time sleeping and had a constant cold and often had nosebleeds. I found that I had begun sleepwalking and that I began to have constant dreams about either the Slender Man or Travis both were always watching me while I slept. The Lego slender man went missing and re appeared on top of my night table positioned so that it looked like it was watching me. I have been avoiding trees and three days before I left for my trip, I went to my friends house and it was pretty foggy. Almost pissed my pants when I saw a bald guy in a suit waiting for the bus standing in the fog.

I also noticed that the footage I shot for my film is corrupt. I am now doing a new film. It will be a documentary on the slender man. Right now in Paris, Dr. Fenton, a university professor who has studied the slender man and may possibly have the most information on it is staying in the downtown area. I will try to interview him later this week. I am exhausted right now because there is a six hour time difference here. The apartment is beautiful though. I hope whoever is sending me this stuff  won’t be able to find me here.

I am starting to think there is another character in this performance. Me, Travis, and whoever is sending me the stuff.


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More photos: Marble Hornets entry 29

Well, I have some more photos. The first one was just a test to see if they uploaded properly. But yes I have a few more photos. I also took some photos of the textbook and will upload them later. They are just copying over right now…

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Something Interesting I Found: Location from Marble Hornets

Where I believe the tunnel is.

Ok, so I believe I found the location from entry 29 of Marble Hornets. It might not be it though. It could just be a similar tunnel. I hope it’s from Marble Hornets though. I also got some footage of it but it’s like 25 minutes long and I haven’t had the time to cut most of it out sorry. Ill upload it later this week.

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Quick Update:

Sorry, I was really busy. It’s been a while…I wasn’t sleeping for a while and as a result passed out while at a event. Also, so far, I haven’t found any other messages. I haven’t really been searching because I have been working on a big media arts project. We need to direct, cast, film, and edit our own short film.

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