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I am beginning the Information Mass that will be in several blog posts.

The notebook went missing but once again turned up at the bottom of my suitcase. Later today, I will be posting the rest of the posts. Ok, So once again I am still convinced that this is all some sort of messed up prank. That is until yesterday. Yesterday, I found my phone outside of it’s usual location, along with this picture on it. it’s a picture of the Slender Man. I haven’t been able to find it on the internet anywhere. I was looking for hours. I’m now officially terrified. yesterday, a student who was drawing the operator symbol on his notes yesterday, was missing today. So yeah I am terrified. Really Terrified. My friends have been avoiding me they think I am paranoid and crazy. However, they always thought I am crazy. Personally, I think I am the most sane there.


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Some new blog appeared on my account.

I have no idea who created this. It doesn’t look like Travis. It’s called memoirs of a hallowed. I changed the password but when I cheacked, A new post appeared. I am saying this right now, I DID NOT CREATE MEMOIRS OF A HALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The easiest way to bug your media arts teacher

There are three ways to do this.

1: Say that you are going on a three week trip and will return with the sufficient footage to make a short film. Proceed to return with a total of 76 hours of footage and copy it onto the computer.

2: Say that you are working on an experimental film. Film something for 20 seconds then add every single effect in after-effects and tell the computer to render. Will usually result in multiple days of pure rendering making the computer almost unusable at the time.

3: Break everything in the classroom and proceed to defecate onto the remains whil chanting in pre-romen empire icelandic.

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I just uploaded the videos of me recieving th box from Travis!.

Here’s the videos.

Part 2:

Part 1:

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I’m sorry for the lack of posts again, I really need to get my act together.

I’m so sorry I’ve had strep throat and a horrible cold. Ireland was fun, got a pocket watch, silver plated. I also visited all my Irish relatives on my dad’s side. Played Brink pretty fun game. I also got to see a bunch of cool ruins and of course saw the Operator symbol EVERYWHERE.

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sorry for the lack of new notebook posts but there was a lack of internet

Ok so here are the next set of posts. Hopefully I can get the next several pages done.

Jan 27/10
Just woke up in the forest near my house with this (drawing of the Observer symbol) carved into my hand. Hurt like hell. Went home and apparently, I never went missing. I did apparently complain of a headache repeatedly and I was very quiet. My parents freaked when they saw my cut hand. They kept asking if I was cutting myself or if I was depressed. They called some therapist and I will have to talk to him tomorrow. I was taken to the hospital for my hand and they say that I will have that as a scar forever. Also, they’ve seen carving in flesh like this five times before this.

Jan 29/10
Just got back from the therapist. Apparently I am a disturbed person. He says I will have to meet him every Thursday. I kinda see his point. Who says they are being chased by a tall faceless man in a suit?

Observer symbol instead of the E in ME

Jan 30/10
Starts with the Observer symbol on the top of the page

Found this drawn on my front door today. My parents called the police. They went through the house and found it drawn all over my books. My parents think that it was me.

Jan 31/10
The Slender Man often sends proxies if it is busy.There is only ONE Slender Man. People often say that there are multiples of it. The Slender Man travels through time in order to seem as though there are more then one of It.

the next two pages are a weird graph on time travel.

Feb 03/10
Ignore the last two pages. I was trying to describe how the Slender Man travels. It doesn’t work very well as a description. But yeah…nothing new…met my therapist today. Says I am getting worse. Apparently OH CRAP A PROXY BROKE INTO MY HOUSE…
The (…) once again means that the pen dragged off the page one the E in house.

Page blank

Feb 04/10
Alright, I knocked out the proxy. He’s tied up in my closet. I’m gonna get some answers.

I talked to it and apparently, the Slender Man attacks people who escaped from him as children. He also

The rest of the page is torn off

Page missing

Page missing

Page missing


Operator symbol below this. These are the only things on this page.

Feb 08/10
I don’t know what happened to the last several pages. I woke up with the proxy missing and the pages gone. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who took them. I checked the ropes and they were burned! I don;t know what happened to them and how the fire alarm didn’t go off. I think the Slender Man probably rescued him.

I will be uploading the rest of the pages probably tomorrow or the day after.

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first several posts. I hope I will get the dates right.

Alright before I put this up, I will also be uploading a video of me going through the textbook. I did start to draw all over the notebook in red pen (when I said draw, I mean that I put notes and comments/connections to blog posts etc.) and it’s kind of grimy. alright time to start putting up the posts. also, text done by me will be in italics.

Cover: Slender Man (then the operator symbol below it)
(The rest is a word for word copy of the notebook)
Basics: (Most helpful)
Attacks mostly children
(X) The symbol represents an eye or a face it scares IT away.
Height is key. Stay on the third floor or higher.
Stay away from trees.
Stay away from fog.
Filming can help because electronics act up near IT however, you can only tell if IT was near you after watching the footage later.

This is a guide developed to aid anyone in protection from the Slender Man. For the last three months, the Slender Man has been following me. I desperately hope this will help. Over the last three months, I have gotten many notes.
Travis Webster

Jan 17 2010
Today I saw IT again. IT has begun to observe me from closer distances. Now IT observes me from within my yard instead of across the street. It appears that the operator symbol is losing effect. This will not stop me from writing them though. I still haven’t seen any of his proxies recently.
(Operator symbol bellow this)

Jan 18 2010
There are three main reasons that the Slender Man is after you.
1. Coughing/ bad health
2. loss of memory
3. electronics acting up
There are other known side effects such as: headaches, voices in your head, lack of sleep, hallucinations, sleepwalking,, and multiple personalities.
If the Slender Man is after you, then you will most likely see him/IT or one of it’s proxies.
The Slender Man will usually observe you until IT knows all of your weaknesses or until you go completely mad.

Jan 19 2010
The Slender Man has no weaknesses. IT can only be delayed. To do so it to film, watch, chase, do anything that makes IT feel like IT is being watched. This will slow IT down and even stop IT sometimes. The only other way to apparently avoid the Slender Man is to stay up on the third floor or higher. The Operator symbol also helps.

Jan 20/10
IT showed up at my house today. Locked all the doors and windows and drew the operator symbol on the outside of each one.
Had another blackout and woke up in the park with my textbook. I had written all over it. I hope my teacher won’t notice. He’d be pissed. I returned to my house only to find my bed and windows destroyed.

Jan 21/10
Today I wok…
(The (X) was put in the place of the letter O.)

also, the wok…was actually wok but the end of the letter K trailed acrosss the entire page to the edge and down the side of the note book.

I will add the rest of the posts later tonight, or tomorrow, or Sunday.

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