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Ignorance is not bliss

So I guess ignoring and avoiding the whole thing doesn’t work. I decided that the best answer to this problem involving Travis, was to ignore all of it and leave this blog alone. I guess it didn’t work. After repeatedly receiving messages in my mail and finding stuff glued to the inside of my locker.I finally broke and once again started writing on this blog. I don’t exactly know why but after a good two months of silence, I decided it was time for an update. I know I don’t have many views. But I hope that anyone who reads this will understand what I am about to say. Stay out of matters that don’t involve you. I dug too deep into other peoples problems and now I am involved in more than I can handle. From disappearances, to paranormal creatures that have been around since the dawn of time. All because I decided to read into some graffiti on the inside of my Geography textbook.

Sadly, I had exams and as a result, I was unable to post because of my studying. After that, I found the box. This one was a new box and my camera wasn’t working and thus I was unable to film it. However, it contained several leaves, some sticks, two pages from the textbook, several bottle caps (observer symbol on each one), a photo of a man with a mask on (Similar to ToTheArk’s mask but with teeth and the observer symbol written over the one eye) and a burned photo of Travis and you can see what looks like the Slender Man standing in the background.

So yeah, I’ve decided that I will keep posting and try to find a way to end this.


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