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No textbook this semester

Well so far, this school year started with me being called down to the principals office for the missing textbook. My reply: “it got soaked in the rain”. They charged me 80$ for damaged property. For petes sake, it’s a textbook, hundreds of kids probably had it before me. Obviously it will get damaged but, the teachers all want some extra cash. Who wouldn’t? But so far, I havent recieved any new textbooks, good thing im not taking geography this year. Im never taking that class again. (did I mention I failed it?) But ya, this semster I have: math, photography, and co op for the afternoon. This means that I need to bus downtown at 1:00 Pm everyday. its getting pretty expensive but on the brighter side, the webseries is coming along and imsleeping to some degree again. The dreams about the Slender Man still continue though. However, I believe it to be caused by me watching EverymanHYBRID, darkharvest00, marble hornets, and Tribetwelve at 3:00 in the morning. Ah well, I hope to be getting more in schedual with my blog posts from now on.


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