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An endless loop

You know? Since the incident with travis has begun, it has consisted of the same pattern. Randome messages and crap in my mail followed by a cool down period. Just as I think it’s over, another flurry of messages appear. I think Travis needs a hobby…ah well in a few months I will probably be once again commenting on how this maybe over and Travis has decided to leave me alone…..hopefully


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What happened?

Is it just me, or are many of the Slenderblogs ending very abruptly? for instance, jonclubbs113 just ended with no explanation, so did a twitter account that I had found. Are they just being picked off before they can reveal any important information?


Also, I have recently been conversing with another person who goes to my school who may be having a similar problem. Except, he uses twitter, not a blog. Ill post the name later… Also comments are appreciated:



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